My New Me

Im that kinda person that trying hard as i can to be positive and sometimes its to much for me to handle.

And i easily like to help people around me, even often i don’t know is it that im a good helper or being a trouble maker. But my husband teach me well for not messing around with people issues.


Even the issues from my close relative such as my big brother. Even they asked for any opinion from you just keep as an outsider and don’t get too involed. Just be a good listener and saying straight suggestion but don’t be the solution. Let them think how they want to solve the problem.

I know it look like im not care and cruel, but i get the point. Its the best for them and me. Coz i used to be over sensitive to all people issues than somehow im over thiking about it then becaming my personal problem. Then my soul full of trashes that they give me, slowly shatered me by pieces.

They that sharing their issues with me can be learn to make their own decission.

Easy to say but its hard to doing it, theory is simple but to get it done that another issues to handle.

Now you know my mood like a rollercoaster, yeah!


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